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In this page: TV News Packages, Mini Documentary, RVO, Reporter Standup and Live-Cross Sample. 

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Mini Documentary: Earworms - An Involuntary Musical Imagery

An Op-Doc written and visualised based on the research article by Michael K. Scullin, Chenlu Gao, and Paul Fillmore titled "Bedtime Music, Involuntary Musical Imagery, and Sleep", published on Psychological Science (2021). The video was shot at home during Victoria's fourth lockdown.

This documentary is also published as a MOJO Doc for MOJO News.

TV Package: Mother's Day Classic

The Mother’s Day Classic is back for its 24th year this weekend, after becoming the first national event to be held virtually last year during the lockdown.

The script is available by request.

TV Package: Phone calls connect people better than text messages, research says

With loneliness affecting 1 in 2 Australians during the pandemic, research shows that phone calls create stronger social connections compared to text messages. 

Includes grabs from:

  1. Dr Amit Kumar (Researcher)
  2. Dr Louise Cooper (Psychologist)

TV Package: Melbourne Theatres Reopen

After a long year of cancelled shows, Melbourne theatres reopen this weekend, performing musicals to audience of all age groups.

The script is available by request. This story is also adapted into an RVO version (see below).

RVO: Melbourne Theatres Reopen

NEWSREADER INTRO: The long-awaited musical Moulin Rouge finally held…

(TAKE VISION) ... its Australian premiere last night, kicking off the reopening of live theatres in Melbourne.

Disney’s musical Frozen also returns to Her Majesty’s Theatre, despite delays in vaccinations for children under the age 12.




“That’s why their grandmother didn’t come, because she was worried that… there was a theatre full of unvaccinated children.”

(TAKE VISION) Theatres will operate at full capacity with masks no longer required when the state hits 90 per cent double doses next week.

Live Cross Sample

This is a live cross sample, with information gathered from several published articles. Filmed as an assessment for the Video Journalism unit at Monash University.